A Prayer for Our Nation

USA.jpgGracious Heavenly Father,

As our nation moves forward in the wake of a contentious election, I pray You would bless our land. Guide the leaders we have elected (and each of us as individual citizens) by Your strong and faithful hand. No authority exists that is not ordained by You. You raise up rulers and depose them. Lead and guide our nation during this fragile time.

Restore our unity as a country and our love and respect for one another. Draw us back to Yourself as You did so often for the people of Israel. Let humility, service, kindness, and generosity prevail in place of arrogance, lawlessness, selfishness, and anger. Help the hearts of all Americans to be moved to put the needs of others above their own.

By the power of Your Holy Spirit, grant that our leaders heed your Word and follow the way of truth. Grant them wisdom, courage, and conviction to make good decisions, even during difficult times. Surround them with wise and faithful counselors and advisors. Help them, in the midst of the cacophony of voices and opinions, to hear the voice of Your Spirit.

Father, there are threats that linger today – threats of terror attacks, threats of violence and discord, threats of upheaval in the markets and in our economy. Lord, thwart any coordinated plans against the good order and peace of our United States. Allow clear and reasoned responses to all of the election results to prevail among us. Protect us, Abba.

In the days ahead, allow the witness of the Christian Church to shine brightly with Your love to our nation and world. Help us, no matter what, to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Help us, by Your Spirit, so that our words and actions reveal that we are disciples of Jesus. Help us to remember daily that we, Your Church, are the hope of the world.

We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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