MegaMission 2014 – Thursday Update

MegaMission to Moore, OK

Thursday Update

Pastor Ben prepared today’s update …

Concordia, you can be proud of your friends and family members here in Moore. We are working hard and getting a lot done. We are also growing closer as a team. Many of us have made new friends and strengthened friendships that we’ve had for years. We cannot wait to share stories and life changing experiences with the people we love back in San Antonio.


Yesterday was another GREAT day! Our teams have really gotten into a rhythm at their worksites and they are cranking out their tasks like they were born to do it. (Parents don’t be surprised if your child comes home with a new talent you had no idea they had before, you might be able to hire your son or daughter to build you a deck or a fence, or even put flooring in).

photo 4-3

photo 2-2

The work they started on Monday really began to take shape and each work team was able see all the fruits of their labor. The struggles that began the week trying to figure out how to do their various jobs were now seen as challenges that were welcomed and overcome. The kids were excited and proud of all they had accomplished and were able to get a sense of the impact they are making in the community. Spirits were high and morale was certainly 5-2

photo 4photo 4-2

photo 5

Many students learned a new game which they will have to teach you when they get home. The hammer game really breaks up the day with some good ol fashion fun.

photo 3-2

Yesterday was especially special because we received a surprise visit from our beloved pastor. Pastor Bill surprised the kids on the worksites, joined them for devotion and prayer, and stayed for dinner and the talent show. It was so cool to see the kids faces light up knowing how much it meant to see him fly in even for only the day.


Last night we had our talent show which highlighted the many gifts, voices, personalities, and humor that exists in our group. I am always impressed at the many young people who stand fearless before their peers and display the talent that God has given them. We were going to end the night with a special ice cream treat, but since their was so much talent and the talent show went long, we had to push the ice cream off until tonight.

photo 5

Another long day done and we were ready for sleep, that is for sure…


Chances are your kids will want to go to bed early when they get home.

photo 1-2

We have one day of work left and one day left in the communities. Pray that God continues to work through our teams in the last few short hours we have in Moore. Pray for safety as everyone is tired and pray for a safe pack up and return tomorrow morning!


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