MegaMission 2014 – Tuesday (Noon) Update

MegaMission to Moore, OK

Tuesday Update

photo 4photo 2

Yesterday we sent out 9 teams into Moore and Oklahoma City to serve GOD and HIS people within this community. Everyone is working hard … many harder than ever before! Amazingly, Concordia has already made an impact in this community and on our projects  after only the first day of work.

photo 1

As you might imagine, Moore was absolutely devastated by the tornado last year. Fortunately, many families have been able to rebuild (because of insurance coverage), there are still many families who were un/under insured and who are forced to try to rebuild without the necessary funds. Many people (and lives) have been temporarily displaced. That’s where our MegaMission team comes in … through the efforts of our young people, these families have a chance to rebuild their homes (and lives). Tears well in my eyes as I think about our amazing young people serving GOD and in the process, changing the lives of the people here in Oklahoma!

 photo 1

One VERY stark reminder for all of us this disaster didn’t only disrupt lives; it took many lives. The property loss for this community was significant, but the pain they’ve experienced at the loss of life is enormous. We grieve with them. Where children and adults died in schools, those schools are marked with these stars. They are a very sobering reminder of the real tragedy that happened here.

 photo 3photo 4

Some of the teams were working on Hardy board siding … others were building ramps … still others were digging postholes and designing fences. One team was laying flooring and another was ripping up a deck. We are building a green house … staining … painting and much more! As you would expect (and is true of every group we ever send out into the mission field) Our group is working joyfully and hard!

photo 3photo 5photo 5photo 5photo 1photo 2

As always, the hard work is but an introduction to build relationships and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to see the team connecting with homeowners and members of the community in meaningful ways. A few examples of Gospel proclamation … A few of our students shared the gospel with a family nearby their worksite, some other students saw one of our leaders share the gospel using the salvation bracelets to a young neighbor girl.  Another group talked to a young family who lived in the area who was kind enough to open their home to use the ‘facilities.’ Another group met a neighbor and offered to help him after they finished their project. Three of our groups got to hear the testimony of a man whose life was changed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ in the midst of this tragedy.


Yesterday was filled with countless other conversations that were clearly prepared in advance by our God. We like to help with rebuilding, but we LOVE to share the hope of Jesus Christ. Please keep these relationships (and the ones still to come) in your prayers this week.

 photo 3 copyphoto 3

You’d think that they’d be tried but soccer …

photo 1

The evening ended the night with amazing worship and prayer …

And devotions afterward …

It was another amazing day!

2 thoughts on “MegaMission 2014 – Tuesday (Noon) Update

  1. What an amazing group of young adults! I am a proud father who is so blessed to have my daughter Katelyn McCarthy serving the Lord while helping others! I am so proud of her and all the people who are with her. Caring for the needs of others is a blessing to all.

  2. It is truly wonderful to see the young people involved in mission work in this way. The pictures were great. We toured Moore this year with Michelle and family who live in Edmond. They worked in the neighborhood as well and cleaned up what they could. Thanks for the pictures.

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