Safe and Sound in Moore, OK (Monday AM Update)


Everyone is healthy and happy and off to work, already this morning. During the week, I will be collaborating with Pastor Ben and Julie to bring you these updates. I expect to post at least 1 update/day.


The team had a great trip and they are safe, sound, and ready to serve. Yesterday’s journey, which began with 86 high school students and leaders gathering at Concordia at 6:30am, and we are HERE! It is “Moore” ☺ than apparent that God’s presence has been leading, guiding, and preparing all the details of this week long adventure even before we arrived!

The trip was great! A few pit stops along the way!

1MM148 1MM14 – Monday Morning       1MM149

We arrived in Moore, OK a little after 4 pm and began unloading. Very quickly we were settled in our living quarters for the week. I say, “quickly” because our team immediately formed an assembly line to unload the busses. It was evident, already, that this group has a tremendous work ethic. I can’t wait to see how God uses them over the course of this week!

1MM147 1MM1411


Dinner was certainly tasty, that bodes well for the week’s dietary needs. However, the best part of the evening was seeing the students connect with one another and begin to form the relationships that make this trip “life changing.”

1MM141 1MM142 1MM143

We played games, had a meeting with our work crews for the week, and we were able to end the evening in worship together. It was incredible.

During worship, we talked about our theme verse for the week, Acts 1:8

“And you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


While Oklahoma may not be “the ends of the earth,” it is certainly a step outside of our comfort zone. The thought that we are His witnesses here in this place in the same way that we are in our own city and neighborhoods is something that is easy to forget, but SO VERY important to remember. We are praying for God to stretch us this week and allow us to be His lights as we SHINE … individually and together … with HIS love!


By the way, if there was any doubt, God knew your child, grandchild, family member, or friend would be here this week. In fact HE was preparing the way for us (just like HE always does).

Our team is staying in a church facility here in Moore. It is no coincidence that our theme verse, Acts 1:8, was the same verse that the pastor of this preached on yesterday morning. It may be a small detail, but remember, “in HIM all things hold together.” HE has our team right where HE wants us. What a GREAT place to be!


Please join us in dedicating this week to JESUS. Pray for us and serve where you are … since, after all, you are right where HE wants you!

One thought on “Safe and Sound in Moore, OK (Monday AM Update)

  1. Thanks so much for posting the pics and your awesome message. It has helped this momma know Rylan is right where she needs to be! I love our church and the opportunities it provides to our youth to get out there and witness God’s love! I truly am grateful for you and your wonderful wife for all you do for our congregation!

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