Beloved Concordia Family,



Cookies needed!  You know I might be tempted to say that on any given day, but this is a REAL need.  We still need 1200 bags of cookies (6 per bag) for our Drive-Thru Nativity on December 7 and 8.  I feel certain that many of you are planning to bake cookies for this event.  Thank you.  However, if you are going to bring cookies, please sign up so we know.  Follow this link (click here) so we’ll know how many cookies we can count on.  We’ll have to purchase the rest.  Thank you.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Even as I write those words, I realize that for some, Thanksgiving (or any holiday for that matter), isn’t a cause for joy and certainly isn’t happy.  There are so many things that can bring us down (while it seems like everyone else is celebrating):  grief, broken relationships, anxiety … the list goes on and on.  Sometimes, the arrival of a holiday seems to renew the pain and amplify the hurt in our lives.

If this holiday season brings you pain, please know two things:  1) You are not alone.  There are many who know your struggle.  If you are having a difficult time, remember that your Concordia family and your pastor love you.  If we can be of help, please let us know.  2) Please also know that God’s WORD invites us to give thanks even when we aren’t smiling … even through tears.


Jesus Christ, M.D.

Here are some notes from the message on Sunday …

Series Theme Verse:  Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases … Psalm 103:2-3


The Disappointment

Three things we learn from the people in the story …

     1. Mercy Matters

     2. Everyone dies!

         “God heals us from all our diseases … except the last one.”  Pastor Merkens

     3. Life has pain.


Three things we learn about Jesus …

     1. We can trust Jesus’ timing.

     2. Jesus can handle our anger and frustration!

     3. Jesus knows how the story ends!


Jesus doesn’t care when or how we come to Him … He only cares that we are with HIM!


2013 Voters Meeting – December 3 at 7 PM

We are preparing for our 2013 Voters Meeting on December 3 (next week) at 7 PM in the Sanctuary.  An important task for the Voters is to elect the Church Council, Elders, and School Board for the coming year.  The Church Council will also present a budget for 2014 and ask the Voters to approve it.  We build the budget based upon the pledges we receive from our congregation through Loyalty Sunday commitments.  If you’ve made a Faith Promise (pledge) for 2014, thank you.  If you haven’t, please consider doing so today.  In fact, you can do that right now by following this link (Loyalty Sunday Pledge) or by sending an email to our Business Manager, Jesse Martinez. Thank you.


May God bless you and keep you during this Thanksgiving week!


Your pastor loves you!

Pastor Bill

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