MM13 Monday Morning at 10:30 AM

This is just a small clip from worship on Sunday evening.  The church where we are staying is graciously allowing us to use their beautiful sanctuary for our worship times.

The band did not have time to do anything more than set-up (very quickly) and start playing, but they were AWESOME!

One of our college-age students shared her testimony.  It was a powerful story of her struggle and God’s grace and mercy.  All of us were blessed and challenged to trust God, even in dark times.

Today, everyone is happy, healthy and ready to serve.  The trip to MS went smoothly for everyone.  We are having a GREAT time!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Please don’t be concerned if you do not receive frequent updates or text messages.  All is well!  I am amazed to think that I had as good (or even better) internet access in Costa Rica earlier this summer.  🙂  If we can’t post as much as I’d like, it just means more to share when we get back!

Please pray for God to bless us with the following …

1.  Health and safety for our entire team

2.  Energy and enthusiasm (especially for us OLD folks) to sustain us each day and all week long

3.  For the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of every one of us and demonstrate God’s presence and care in our lives

4.  For new friendships to be formed and for old ones to be rekindled

5.  For perception and insight for the leaders (College-age and Adults) to see and know how to bless our team (students and each other)

Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

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