Prayer Update (12/1/12 12 Noon)

Prayer Update!

Following this update from Kevin (Sheri’s husband) is the original prayer request …

“Sheri had a great night’s rest last night for the first time in many nights. She is very tired but is feeling well. She has had some pain relief as well. It seems that the treatment is working. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. Kevin”  12/1/12, 12 Noon

Thank you for your prayers.  It would seem that God has answered with a, “YES!”  Thank you and THANKS AND PRAISE be to God.


I share the following with Sheri and Kevin’s permission …

Please lift up our sister, Sheri Gregorczyk Best as she receives an infusion of chemotherapy drugs today from 1-3 PM to end the “flare up” of Crohn’s Disease she has been battling for several weeks.

This is a drastic step and treatment and there are three specific items to remember in prayer ….

  1. That Sheri will not have an alergic reaction to the drugs and that her body will not reject them.
  2. That there will be NONE of the possible side effects of these drugs.
  3. That Sheri will receive immediate relief from these medications and that she will not have to wait for two weeks (until the next infusion) to know if the medication is going to work.

Sheri and Kevin are grateful for all of the love and support from their family and friends, their Concorda Family, the STARS community, and from the wonderful ladies of MOPS!

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