Africa Mission Team Update

11/15/12, 6:05 PM (3:05 AM Local)


 This little boy is delighted with one of the MANY Beanie Babies provided for this trip.

It has been a hectic day here in San Antonio, so my update on our Mission Team in Africa is coming a bit late.  Nonetheless, they had a WONDERFUL day and are hopefully resting peacefully.  When I spoke to them they still had a few hours left in their day (it was about 3 PM (local time), but already they had seen 168 people with many of the people expressing a desire to know more about Jesus.  As you might suppose, the team is VERY excited about the help and hope that God is bringing to the people of Kinango through them.


I hope to have some more stores and pictures to share tomorrow.  The phone connection today was not very good today.  I did hear one story, but I’ll process in my own heart and mind and share it with you in the next couple of day.  In the meantime, please pray for a blessed last day of service and sharing.  May God prepare the hearts of those who will hear the Gospel tomorrow to receive the precious message of salvation?


This is a picture of the baby I mentioned yesterday who was born with cataracts and whose eyesight was saved through a surgery our beloved Concordia provided.

It is hard to believe that in just three hours, the team will awaken and begin their last day of clinic.  In fact, the plan is that they will finish their work at the clinic tomorrow afternoon, pack up, and begin the LONG drive back to Nairobi.  They will stop along the way to shower and change clothes and then go straight to the airport to travel home.


As you might imagine, by they time they arrive home in San Antonio on Sunday evening they will have been traveling for almost 48 hours (with some stops along the way).  They will be exhausted, but what a feeling to know that they have “beautiful feet!”  Please keep them in your prayers!





The first picture is of one of the pastors from the ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya) who is serving with our team.  The second picture is of one of the doctors from Nairobi who is with our team.  He is fascinated by Margaret Seale’s reading glasses with lights built in.  He believes he could use glasses like these when performing surgery in remote areas!

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!  Romans 10:15b

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