African12 Update 11/13/2012

Africa Mission Team Update

11/13/12, 8 AM (5 PM Local)

Our team from Concordia who traveled to Kinango, Kenya (Africa) Mission Team continues to have an amazing adventure!  Today they were able to serve 238 people.  That brings the total number of people served in two days to almost 450.  450 people who have received eye care … some of them receiving care that will save their vision!  More importantly, each one of those 450 people have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ!



Here are two precious pictures I receive via iMessage this morning.  One is of Tristina (a member of our team) praying with a African boy.  The second is a picture of a boy who has received glasses.  Notice that he is wearing a beautiful cross necklace from Concordia.  One of the Boy Scouts in the congregation (with the help of MANY others) made 3000 of these necklaces to go along with a card that explains salvation in English and Swahili!  What a wonderful blessing to know that our beloved family members are halfway around the world battering down the Gates of Hell and shining like stars!

ImageThis next picture is of Massai Warrior.  To become a Warrior, you must kill two lions.  That’s a bit different that the way we think of warriors.


Here is a picture from the bus.  As the team travels from their accommodations to the clinic, they pass an Elephant Sanctuary.  What an amazing site on the way to work!


Finally, this picture is of a sign that is advertising the arrival of people from Concordia in America to provide free eye care.  It makes me think of Jesus words in Mark 9:  “I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.”  Our team is helping to improve people’s sight while sharing cool water to sooth the souls of those who receive the message of the Gospel.

Please continue praying for them!

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