Africa Mission Team Update 11/10/12 1PM

Africa Mission Team Update
11/10/12 1PM

I have heard from the team and they had an AMAZING day.

Here is a list of the animals they saw from Julie.

Everything we saw! Two different lions!
Antelope, Water buffalo, Giraffe, Ostrich, Hartebeest, Turtle, Widow bird, Guinea fowl, Rhino, Superb starling, Ham macho, Zebra, LION, Tomtom, Grant gazelle, Eland, Varvet (monkey), Gator, Baboon, Hyena, Long crested eagle, Ibis, Impala, Rhinos, Superb starlings, Zebra, Jackals, Grant gazelles, Tom toms, Elands.

I am also including some pictures. The quality is poor because they are pictures of pictures until the memory cards can be downloaded, but you’ll get the idea.

Tomorrow will be a LONG trip (9 hours) and they will leave at 7:45 AM (local time: around 9:45 PM tonight, our time). Please keep them in your prayers. I am certain that God is going to use them in a powerful way to share the Good News of Jesus!

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